Accessibility Statement

Sergio Sánchez has undertaken to make his website accessible in accordance with Royal Decree 1112/2018, of September 7, on the accessibility of websites and applications for mobile devices in the public sector.

Accessibility options available in the dropdown menu at the top of the left side of the web:


This accessibility statement applies to the website

Compliance status
This website is partially in accordance with RD 1112/2018 due to the exceptions and the lack of conformity of the aspects indicated below.

Content not accessible
The content listed below is not accessible for the following reasons:

Lack of compliance with RD 1112/2018

  • There are elements that are not accessible by keyboard.
  • There are elements that do not receive focus.
  • There are form fields where an error is reported when an incorrect value is entered but a suggestion for its correction is not reported.
  • There are pages in which support products will not be able to obtain information, interact and be aware of the state of the user interface controls, such as help messages, action result status messages, link attributes , page language image… that cannot be read by screen readers at the moment they appear.
  • There could be occasional editing errors on some web page.

Preparation of this accessibility statement
This statement was prepared on March 9, 2023.
The method used to prepare the declaration has been a self-assessment.

Observations and contact information
You can make communications about accessibility requirements (article 10.2.a) of RD 1112/2018) such as:

  • Report any possible breach by this website
  • Convey other content access difficulties
  • Formulate any other query or suggestion for improvement related to the accessibility of the website

Through the mail

Optional content
This website applies the requirements of the UNE-EN 301549:2022 Standard considering the exceptions of RD 1112/2018.
The last accessibility review was carried out in March 2023.
The website is optimized for browsers Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher and the latest versions of FireFox, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome.
The recommended minimum web resolution is 1280×1024.
The website is designed for Responsive viewing, which is optimally displayed on tablet and mobile devices. On these devices it is optimized for viewing in the latest current versions of Chrome for mobile, Firefox for mobile, Safari mobile, Opera Mini and native Android browser.



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