Principles on which osteopathy is based

Mar 20, 2023 | Blog

In this article I am going to talk about the principles that underpin the work in osteopathy and about which we must reason and take into account when carrying out a treatment.

1. Structure governs function.

We could consider all the matter that inhabits us as a structure and the function as the activity carried out by each of the parts.
We will work on the structure so that the function to which it is associated can be given correctly.

2. The law of the artery is absolute.

When the blood circulation is carried out normally, the disease cannot develop since our blood carries all the necessary elements to ensure natural immunity and fight against diseases.
The decrease in said circulation implies the decrease in the defense capacity of the tissues, providing a favorable terrain for the installation of a dysfunction or decreasing the capacity of its recovery.
This concept extends to the arterial, venous, lymphatic and cerebrospinal fluid circulation.
According to Still, the creator of osteopathy, blood carries “the spark of life” and for it to exist it must circulate freely.

3. The body is a functional unit.

The mechanism of union between the different parts is given by the connective tissue. If any of the parts that make up the body don’t work properly, it will affect the rest, creating some kind of compensation.

4. The self-healing power of the body.

Our body has all the elements to restore health.
Our role is to stimulate and support this process rather than simply treat the symptoms.

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