In the first visit, which can last between 45 minutes and 1 hour, I will complete your intake sheet, asking a series of questions to understand the reason for the consultation, medical, surgical and traumatic history, life habits, etc.


From there on, I will perform an examination by looking at your posture, assessing joint movement and will palpitate different tissues to see if there are any problematic areas including any restrictions.


Next I, having ruled out possible contraindications, will be able to perform manual techniques on tissue restrictions to restore their mobility.

The range of techniques used in osteopathy is very wide and includes anything from precise and safe joint adjustments to more specific techniques for treating visceral, cranial dysfunctions, etc…


Finally, I can often recommend some exercises, lifestyle habits and eating tips that can help solve the problem.


If I determine that osteopathy is not the best course of treatment, I will refer you to another health care professional (nutritionist, dentist, neurologist, podiatrist, etc.), one that I believe is better suited to meet your specific needs.